Route Updates


Trash Do's and Dont's

Meet the team of DCI Sanitation!

Drivers and Throwers-


DCI Sanitation has some of the best drivers/throwers a company could ask for! Without their continued support and dedication to service we would not be where we are today! Several have been with DCI from the very beginning and we look forward to having them apart of our team for years to come!

  • Trash must be out by 7am!!
  • 8 bag limit collected per pick up (there will be a $3 per bag charge for going over the limit)

  • All trash MUST be bagged

  • 2 bundles of brush per pick up
    • Bundles must be no longer than 4 ft and bundled together no larger than what you can wrap arms around.
  • Yard clippings/mulch count towards bag count
  • NO paint, tires, bulk items, construction material, Metal items, Oil, Furniture, OR loose trash!!

Office Staff- 

Haley- Customer Service

Jess'ka- Customer Service

Ashley- Operations Manager

Amber- Operations Manager


With over 30 years of customer service experience between the office, we have a great new team that is 100% focused on making sure that you experience the type of service you deserve as a customer!

** All unpaid accounts will be placed on credit hold after the 15th day of the month**

There are currently no delays in routes.

Recycle Do's and Dont's

  • All Paper
  • Envelopes/ Folders
  • Cardboard
  • Phone books/ Magazines
  • Junk Mail
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Glass Bottles
  • Plastics 1-7
    • Look at the bottom on container for # code.

  • NO: Food waste, Toner, Glass pane/pyrex or food containers, no plastic bags!
  • Our Recycling facility NO LONGER accepts plastic bags. Please keep your recycling loose in a container that can be dumped.

Family owned and operated since 2005

Owner Jack Bingham  


As a Vietnam Veteran in the United States Air force, Jack has been a successful business owner since the 1980's. He and his wife Marsha Bingham took over the ownership of DCI Sanitation in 2011, and have since grown the business at an impressive rate. Jack's main concern is 100% Customer Satisfaction.

DCI Sanitation, LLC

2019 Holiday Schedule:

No recycling picked up on holiday weeks.

Closed Thursday Nov. 28th- Thanksgiving
*Mon & Thurs/Mon Only Customers- Collected MONDAY ONLY
*Tues. Customers- Collected TUES.
*Wed. Customers- Collected WED.
*Fri Customers- Collected FRI

2x per week customers collected ONCE on holiday weeks